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Como passar na Fuvest estudando em casa Veja 10 dicas

3 minutos How to spend Fuvest studying at home? See 10 Tips Discipline, commitment and rhythm of test are crucial for the good performance in the university entrance exam. By Vinicius Vermiglio Spending on Fuvest is one of the biggest challenges in a student’s life. The effort, the hours of study and the joy of entering one of the best universities in Latin America are the stages of a season that can be tiring but that will be remembered with great affection on the Continue lendo

Dicas para aprender inglês em casa

5 minutos The challenge of learning English Wanting is one thing, but getting it … Who never made a promise that they would start an English course and gave up on the first setback? Many do this, not only with the English course itself, but with study plans, changes in habits, organization, among others. The human being does not always fulfill what he promises, nor for himself.   Many people wish to learn English because of urgency or even obligation because of their position, Continue lendo

Passar em medicina estudando em vivenda

3 minutos   While the proposal may seem daunting at first, it is far from an impossible mission. Paulista, Mariana Ferraz Paulino, 19, is proof of this. Studying alone in a villa, Mariana was approved at the University of São Paulo (USP), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and Universidade Federalista de São Paulo (Unifesp) in 2011, and she was elected among the 50 best Fuvest. By term, he ended up opting for the History course at USP, where he is currently studying Continue lendo