Como passar na Fuvest estudando em casa? Veja 10 dicas

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How to spend Fuvest studying at home? See 10 Tips

Discipline, commitment and rhythm of test are crucial for the good performance in the university entrance exam.
By Vinicius Vermiglio

Como passar na Fuvest estudando em casa Veja 10 dicas
Spending on Fuvest is one of the biggest challenges in a student’s life. The effort, the hours of study and the joy of entering one of the best universities in Latin America are the stages of a season that can be tiring but that will be remembered with great affection on the horizon.
Via Course prepared these tips for you who studies in housing and dreams of joining USP (Universidade São Paulo).

10 tips to spend on Fuvest studying in housing

You need to study every day. Even if you are tired, unmotivated, or are not quite finished … Think that while you are not studying, whoever is running for the same job is probably studying.
Systematize the content

If you have an easy math and a little pen to write a essay, pay more attention to studies in Portuguese. Never stop studying a material because you think you already know everything. If you have the content at the tip of the tongue, periodically redo some exercises to promise.

Retake the evidence

After studying all the contents thoroughly, separate a weekend to retake a test completely. Tell your family members to respect your activity and take the test in 4 hours and 30 minutes. So you analyze the time it takes to solve on each question, which ones are more difficult, if they are reading very slowly … Anyway, adjust your test rhythm
Attention to English

The ten foreign language questions are relatively easy for those who have already studied some of the language. Concerning all language issues puts you much closer to the second season. Study hard and get tips with who knows the language.

Chat with USP students

When discussing the course you want to join, search on Facebook or even go to USP and talk to some of the college students. So you know what the good and bad things are about the course and you end up being motivated to study further to pass on Fuvest.

Have a good time!

Studying is very important, but having fun is also important. At the weekend, try to relax. Do not be thinking all the time about the test and the content, because your head needs to rest to be fully functioning on Monday
Read the newspapers and alternative sites

You need to be very much informed so that you can make a satire reading of the world when it comes to answering some of the test questions. Read the top news of the day, watch the news and be informed by alternative sources of news, which usually bring a deepening or point of view dissimilar to that of the mainstream media.

From the easiest to the hardest

Start the test for the material you are sure you know. Leave the toughest questions to the end.

Read the required list

Even if there are summaries of the books required for the entrance exam, reading the classics, and giving a complete idea of ​​the plot and the issues covered, it can be a pleasure. If you read, the chance to reach all the issues of literature goes up considerably.

No crisis

The vestibular is not the end of the world, so do not despair. If you study with focus, rule and discipline, you will pass the college entrance examination. Believe in yourself and stay calm. Passing on Fuvest only depends on your will and willingness.

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