Dicas para aprender inglês em casa – Tips for learning English at home

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The challenge of learning English
Wanting is one thing, but getting it … Who never made a promise that they would start an English course and gave up on the first setback? Many do this, not only with the English course itself, but with study plans, changes in habits, organization, among others. The human being does not always fulfill what he promises, nor for himself.


Dicas para aprender inglês em casa

Many people wish to learn English because of urgency or even obligation because of their position, work, school, travel or any other reason. However, most of the time, these same people do not have an agenda to make a commitment once they have a language course and end up leaving it always afterwards, one that unfortunately never comes.

What if instead of going to an English course, you could learn and study the language at home, on your own, and go through that study speaking fluent English? Would it be a good exchange? Have your own schedules and your personalized study project, what do you think? Would it be a good choice? And if we say that this can indeed become true? Would you plan to study at home and realize an advanced level of English?
Well, what we propose here are some tips so you can buy fluency by studying at home, but that does not mean that you will speak fluent English overnight. Learning English, since any other discipline, is not done in a magical step. You do not have to start studying today, and in a month you already know everything. However, with a few tips, you may be able to optimize your study time and learn how to suck in the necessities of simple things by seeking to learn more from the language with the resources of your day to day! Check out our tips:

Tips for learning English in home
1. Movies and series
The first tip should already be known and practiced by many of those who are adept at studying the English language: witness movies and series in English NO caption! Yes! You should not put Portuguese caption if you want to learn English, as this practice will only delay your training and undermine your attention to the spoken language. When we see films in English or in any language other than ours with the Portuguese subtitles, with very few exceptions, we tend to look at the subtitles all the time, forgetting to turn our attention completely to the audio of the film. It is very important, for those who want to buy fluency in English, to have knowledge of the spoken language. Although films and series have a vocabulary, say “plasticized”, because of the issues linked to production objectives, they are still very useful for non-English speakers seeking fluency! Watch many movies and your favorite series without subtitles from now on!
Listening to music in English with the letter in hand can help in getting vocabulary

2. Music
With the songs, it is already an unlike process in relation to the films and series, because, to better learn with the songs, the best thing is to listen to them following their respective lyrics. Why is it important? Because it helps you to buy more vocabulary, and at the same time, it gives you the privilege of words that we already know! Listening to songs in English with the lyrics allows us to sing together, improving the accent, and better understand the words, knowing their writing and accent at the same time. Often, you sing without the lyrics and you do not even realize what is being said, you just get carried away by the melody and when you realize it, you spend all day listening to music, but you do not remember the lyrics.


3. Radio
Listening to radio stations in cities in English-speaking countries can be a huge help to anyone learning English! Unlike movies and serials, which, once said, have an edition and script, with the radio, everything flows in a real and spontaneous way. Thus, on the radio, we find an English free of any edition, that English lived by the people who use it naturally every day. Listening to radio in English helps a lot to those who already have fluency, not to lose it, and in the training of those who are in the preludes of their studies. Even if you do not understand everything they say, it is very worth trying, as it helps a lot! Do not get discouraged in preludes, give this feature a chance to amaze you!

4. Courage!
The order term is: Disposition! Do not allow lazy to learn a novelty language robe at your door; and if it sits, do not open it! What every student should keep in mind is that he is the most responsible for his success. So you can not stand still! To learn English at home, you need to have a lot of willingness, organization and planning! Do not be lazy to do research on websites in English and search for courses online. There are many free courses and many foreign websites that promote online classes for students from other countries. All you have to do is look and study, of course! Always be interacting with people who have the same interest in your language, as this will help you not lose the will to complete your plans in the training. Seek, study, concentrate and allow your full potential to be released for language training and fluency!

Good studies!

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