Passar em medicina estudando em vivenda – See tips of those who passed the college entrance exam

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While the proposal may seem daunting at first, it is far from an impossible mission. Paulista, Mariana Ferraz Paulino, 19, is proof of this. Studying alone in a villa, Mariana was approved at the University of São Paulo (USP), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and Universidade Federalista de São Paulo (Unifesp) in 2011, and she was elected among the 50 best Fuvest. By term, he ended up opting for the History course at USP, where he is currently studying the second year.


Passar em medicina estudando em vivenda

For want of money, Mariana chose not to study and take advantage of everything that was taught in school. Because she had a lot of difficulty in exact, she asked for help from a math teacher who gave her the gold tip on the entrance exam: “Those who teach courses in human subjects are generally good at these subjects. So concentrate all your effort on the exact disciplines and make them your differential, “said the professor. The tactic was clear, the student jotted down the physical test.

For the pedagogical coordinator of Poli’s Cursinho, Elias Feitosa, the fundamental thing is that the student feels motivated. “The more motivated the student is, the more willing he or she will be to enroll in a course, the more easily they will have discipline and organization for the long hours of study required by the college entrance examination,” he says.

“The cursinho is exclusively a means that provides resources so that the student gives much in the vestibular. Those who are not inside this area have to try a little more, but not even the school makes the section of those who do not study in a villa, “completes Elias.

The student Guilherme Levy Rodrigues, 18, is a section of those who decided not to take an optional course. During the third year of school, he was not yet clear of the course he intended to pursue. So we chose to study a little, but leave the course for the next year.

However, in the middle of the studies found that Engineering was the course that wanted and decided to carry out the studies, even if alone. He was certified in Chemical Engineering at USP and Unifesp. “The weight of not having a little backpack left everything lighter. I went to do the test with much more tranquility. I saw my friends doing cramming and they were all “frying” while I felt relatively relaxed, “he says.

Among other advantages, students say that studying alone brings more self-confidence; finally, even then, during university, the educational system of collections and rewards is no longer the same, and much of your success in life will depend solely on the effort you make. you do it yourself. Learning to study alone is a benefit you have for life.

It is true that studying on demand requires even more discipline – since there is no charge for simulations and exercises done by the courses. But there are several ways to get around this. One of them is to propose to do simulations in popular courses – many of them open places for participation of students from outside. Another is, for a few days of the week, to meet with a group of friends and to do collective studies.

“In addition to lessening the feeling of loneliness, when we explain a point to another person, we learn up to 30% more. That’s because, when you explain it creates a risk of reasoning and maintaining a more in-depth contact with the information, “explains Elias. But it is simple, it is fundamental that the other students of the group also have a great commitment to the studies.

If studying in a villa is a problem due to the crash and the large number of people, the tip is to look for a bookstore where one can study with tranquility, and preferably away from the internet and social networks because of distraction. “Studying alone brings about practically the same problems as students studying in the coursework. Basically, alone or guided, it’s all about focus and discipline, “says Guilherme.

Spending on medicine studying in a villa

Passar em medicina estudando em vivenda


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